Feed & Feed additive


FAMI-QS Certified Quality Control and Customized Standard

The benefits our ingredients provide can be listed as:

  • Antimicrobial/ anti-parasitic
  • Anti-stress
  • Antioxidants
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Aid respiratory function
  • Improve meat quality
  • Help joints
  • Help to protect the liver
  • Aid digestive health
  • Promote growth
  • Boost the immune system

We provide Advanced Fusion-Embedding of Plant Oils and Natural Ingredients, also Mixture, Granule  etc OEM and ODM Service.

Featured Products

Intestine Health and Increase Intake

Macleaya cordata extract is believed to be an effective natural appetiser in swine, bovine, poultry, and even fish nutrition. Macleaya cordata extract is blended from intact aerial parts and a fraction of quaternary benzo [c] phenanthridine alkaloids (QBAs), primarily sanguinarine and chelerythrine, and standardised to 1.5% w/w.

As natural feed additive, Fenugreek extract could significantly improve the growth performance, nutrient digestibility and reduce the production of ammonia and hydrogen sulfide compared with the control group. Adding this material to the chicken diet also improved the feed conversion rate, nutrient digestibility and reduced the production of ammonia. Eggs have higher weight, thicker shell; yolk color and HDL cholesterol have also been improved

Tea tree oil has an inhibitory effect on a variety of pathogenic bacteria and can quickly kill stubborn bacteria. In addition, it can effectively inhibit the reproduction of various molds. It has a significant killing effect on molds and the ability to activate the immune system, enhancing the body's ability to resist virus invasion. Ability, has a good effect on the improvement of animal growth performance, organ index and meat quality.

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