Specific solutions for each of our customers.

We offer top quality natural ingredients for the following sectors:

Nutrition & Beverage

The nutraceutical or food supplement industry has undergone tremendous growth in recent years, calling for a high degree of innovation, swiftness, flexibility, and adaptation to the market.

JL Extract’s all natural products are designed and developed for Nutrition, Food and Beverage industries. They are suitable to make capsules, Tablets for Nutrition, and as natural additives conveniently used in Beverage, dairy products, pastries, confectionery, food and meat preservative industries to function as antioxidants, flavors and colorants.

The animal nutrition sector is witnessing significant changes motivated by legislation that is more oriented toward natural solutions which end users increasingly demand.

At JL Extract,  we help you meet these new demands, thanks to a wide variety of new, natural ingredients, successfully tested in various farm animal species (monogastrics, ruminants, and aquaculture) with the aim of enhancing, not only the animal’s overall health status, but also production yields.

JL Extract is FAMI-QS certified to guarantee the quality. All plant extracts are produced in the specification and quality which are good cost performance for feed, also We keep the same quality standard as Food grade, and the products are in conformity to European Feed law, comply with FAMI-QS standard. All the plant extracts are currently used as feed additive and Pet food etc.


We developed and designed plant extracts in an optimized specifications and quality, which are suitable to be applicable in insecticide, Fungicide, Bactericide & Virucide.

Customized Specifications for Different Formulations and Low Cost, All Natural Ingredients To Meet the standards of Organic and Ecological Agriculture.

The cosmetics market is another sector that is undergoing a consumer revolution, moving toward the use of natural ingredients that inspire greater confidence without missing out on the beneficial effects being sought.

At JL Extract, Our ingredients can help slow cellular aging rate, reduce free radicals formation, slow down protein oxidation, and reduce inflammation. They can be used in hair and body care products to improve their foaming performance and cleaning power. They can also be used to enhance the safety and stability of your products, and to promote innovation.


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