Liquid Tea Saponin, Tea Sapogenin, Theasaponin

Short Description:

Synonyms: Camellia Seed Extract

                  Tea Seed Extract

                  Tea Seed Saponin 

Appearance: Dark Brown Liquid
                      Light Yellow Fine Powder
Active ingredients: Liquid Tea Saponin also called as Tea Sapogenin or Theasaponin

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Liquid Tea Saponin, also called as Tea Sapogenin or theasaponin, it is a natural glucosidation compound extracted from the seed of Camellia Sinensis O.Ktze. It has strong hygroscopicity, easy soluble in water and alkali solution, not dissolve in benzene, chloroform and ether, which owns biological activity and surface activity such as pesticides, sterilization and stimulating plant growth, and so on. So it is a natural surfactant with good performance.

Specification & Quality

30% Oil Tea Saponin in liquid

50% Oil Tea Saponin in powder

60% Oil Tea Saponin in powder

70% Oil Tea Saponin in powder

80% Oil Tea Saponin in Powder

90%-95% Oil Tea Saponin in Powder

Function & Application

1) Tea Saponin has hemolysis; it can destroy erythrocytes of animal.

It can be used as killing agent to clean fish from shrimp and crab mix-culturing ponds.  

2) Tea Saponin has excellent function of Emulsifying, dispersing, foaming and wetting.

It is widely used in the production of Washing, wool spinning, knitting, medicine, daily chemical industry.  

3) Tea Saponin as a wetting agent of pesticide.

It can increase the wetting ability and suspensibility of wettable powder. As a natural nonionic surface active agent, Its application can improve the physicochemical property of pesticide solution, increase the dosage of pesticide on the target, then more achieve pesticide effect. So the application of tea saponin not only increase the effect due to the quick wetting, high dispersive capacity. Also the PH is 5.5-6.5, Neutral and partially acid, it will not decompose pesticide, and be good to storage of pesticide. 

4) Tea Saponin has good bioactivity

The tea saponin has stomach toxicity and strong repellent function. The higher concentrated the more repellent. It has control of Cabbage green. The pesticide to control the soil insect, such as cutworm, nematodes etc. also it has killing effect on ampullaria gigas, snall, Oncomelania snail etc. on rice crop.

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