• Effect of nano-curcumin on fattening pigs

    Effect of nano-curcumin on fattening pigs

    Effect of nano-curcumin on fattening pigs Nano-curcumin can effectively make up for the low bioavailability of curcumin and enhance its potential application effects. Ordinary curcumin is highly hydrophobic and easily agglomerates, making it difficult to utilize. Nano-curcumin has a higher zeta p...
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  • Authentication Audit by BUREAU VERITAS Certification on ISO22000-2018 Food Safety Control System

    From Sept, 18th to Sept. 21st 2023, BUREAU VERITAS Certification had their senior auditor,Mr. Wang yanbin to make on the spot audition in our company. Through 3 days hard working, we finally passed Audition, we are expected to get original certification in 1 month.
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  • Menthol Crystal, Levomenthol

    Menthol Crystal, Levomenthol

    Menthol and levomenthol have long been used in toothpaste, cosmetics, cough medicines and lozenges, among many other consumer products. They are widely known for their cooling and soothing properties. Menthol is obtained naturally from peppermint essential oil, while levomenthol is synthesized fr...
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  • Magnolol From Magnolia Bark Extract

    Magnolol From Magnolia Bark Extract

    Magnolia honokiol from magnolia bark extract: a natural remedy for anxiety and other health benefits Magnolol is a bioactive compound found in magnolia bark. Traditionally, it has been used in traditional medicine to treat various health conditions such as anxiety, inflammation and cancer. In re...
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  • Lutein From Marigold Flower Extract

    Lutein From Marigold Flower Extract

    In recent news, scientists have discovered a new source of lutein, a nutrient essential for eye health and the prevention of macular degeneration. The source is derived from marigold flower extract. Lutein is a carotenoid, a plant pigment found in high concentrations in the macula, the part of t...
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  • Hesperidin As Citrus Bioflavonoids

    Hesperidin As Citrus Bioflavonoids

    Recent studies have shown that hesperidin, a flavanone glycoside found in citrus fruits, has several health benefits. This compound belongs to the citrus family of bioflavonoids, which have been shown to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. The potential of hesperidin to...
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  • Gallic Acid From Galla Chinensis Extract

    Gallic Acid From Galla Chinensis Extract

    Gallic acid in gallnut extract: an exciting new development in health research Researchers studying the health benefits of plants have long been interested in the gallica plant, which commonly grows in East Asia and has been used in traditional medicine for centuries. Recent research has focused...
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  • Eugenol Isolated From Clove Leaf Oil

    Eugenol Isolated From Clove Leaf Oil

    Scientists made a breakthrough discovery by isolating eugenol from clove leaf oil. Eugenol is a common ingredient in a variety of products including toothpaste, mouthwash and perfume. The news of the extraction of eugenol from clove leaf oil is exciting because it opens up new possibilities for e...
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  • Eucalyptol (1,8-Cineole)

    Eucalyptol (1,8-Cineole)

    In recent news, eucalyptol (1,8-cineole) has been making headlines for its potential health benefits. Here’s a rundown of what you need to know about this natural compound: Eucalyptus oil is a colorless liquid that comes from the eucalyptus tree. It is commonly used in aromatherapy product...
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  • Trans-Anethole, Natural Anethole, Anise Camphor

    Trans-Anethole, Natural Anethole, Anise Camphor

    In recent news, fascinating discoveries have been made in the field of natural compounds, namely Trans-Anethole, Natural Anethole and Anise Camphor. These compounds have been scientifically proven to have many health benefits in humans. Trans-anethole, also known as anisaldehyde, is a plant-base...
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  • Propyl Gallate

    Propyl Gallate

    In recent news, there has been growing concern about the use of propyl gallate in our food and skin care products. Propyl gallate is a synthetic antioxidant commonly used in food packaging and skin care products to prevent oxidation of fats and oils, which can lead to rancidity and spoilage. How...
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  • Oxymatrine


    Recent research has found that oxymatrine, a natural compound found in certain plants, may have beneficial therapeutic effects on a variety of health conditions. Oxymatrine has been found to be effective in reducing oxidative stress, inflammation and immune dysfunction, making it a potential trea...
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