Effect of nano-curcumin on fattening pigs

Nano-curcumin can effectively make up for the low bioavailability of curcumin and enhance its potential application effects.

Ordinary curcumin is highly hydrophobic and easily agglomerates, making it difficult to utilize. Nano-curcumin has a higher zeta potential and strengthens the repulsion between nanoparticles, which greatly weakens its aggregation tendency. Therefore, compared with ordinary curcumin, nano-curcumin shows higher penetration ability, longer circulation period and Better bioavailability.

Particle characteristics of nano-curcumin

Zeta potential distribution of nanocurcumin

Nano curcumin particle size distribution
Research shows that nanosized curcumin exhibits excellent antioxidant capacity and strong immune activation ability. This may be because nano-curcumin can be better dispersed, more effectively delivered, and thus released more sustainably. In an experiment with birds, nanosized curcumin showed several times the ability of ordinary curcumin, significantly improving the growth performance of experimental animals.

In comparative experiments with antibiotics and ordinary curcumin, nano-curcumin can more significantly increase the average daily weight gain and corresponding feed conversion rate of fattening pigs.
In comparative experiments with antibiotics and ordinary curcumin, the apparent digestibility of crude fiber of nano-curcumin was greatly improved; nano-curcumin significantly increased the serum glucose content of fattening pigs, showing that nano-curcumin is sensitive to feed energy supply and promotes fattening. Energy utilization levels of pigs.
Compared with antibiotics and ordinary curcumin, nano-curcumin can significantly reduce serum levels of aspartate aminotransferase (AST) and diamine oxidase (DAO), suggesting that nano-curcumin can better promote liver and intestinal health and is beneficial to liver and intestinal health. The digestive system is better protected.
Compared with antibiotics and ordinary curcumin, nano-curcumin promotes a more obvious increase in serum IgA levels and total protein levels; nano-curcumin promotes a more obvious decrease in serum malondialdehyde content, suggesting that nano-curcumin can better promote the immunity and immunity of fattening pigs. Antioxidant levels increase.
Nano-curcumin can more obviously increase the titer of pathogenic antibodies; nano-curcumin can more effectively improve the pH value and drip loss of fattening pig muscles, and promote the improvement of muscle quality.

Studies have shown that nano-curcumin can inhibit the activity of ruminal methanogens and effectively reduce methane production in the rumen of cattle. Research on fattening pigs found that nano-curcumin can significantly reduce ammonia emissions from fattening pigs than ordinary curcumin.

Nano-curcumin has a stronger and more obvious regulatory effect on intestinal bacteria. Compared with ordinary curcumin, nano-curcumin more effectively reduces the fermentation and degradation of protein by intestinal bacteria and improves the protein utilization level of fattening pigs.


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