Pilot Production of Tea Saponins Biological Pesticides 5% EW

Date: June, 2018

Tea Saponins Biological Pesticides (EW, 5% active ingredients)

We designed and Developed Tea Saponins Biological Pesticides (EW), which is a tea saponin based formulation of all natural ingredients. It is a broad spectrum and environment friendly, Slightly Toxic, High efficiency. Now we are in stage of pilot production of Tea Saponins Biological Pesticides.

Abstract:  It is emulsion in water with Tea saponins as main ingredient after High-tech processing, it has characteristics of Non- Toxic, No residue, No pollution, friendly environment, tea saponin water emulsion has good effeciency in killing insects of Homoptera, Monochida, dipterous, such as Trialeurodes vaporariorum (Westwood), aphids, rice planthopper etc. and insects of Lepidoptera, such as Mites, Cauliflower, Plutella algebra, Spodoptera exigua, budworm etc. 

Application:It can be used together with other insecticides; it is of no Harm to Bees and safe to human being and livestock. It is absolutely safe for crops. The control effect can last for 15-20days and better effect for application in Green House

Dosage: 1350gram-2250gram EW/hectare,   675-900kgs Water/hectare, Operation before 9AM or after 4PM, avoid in High temperature weather.

Post time: Jun-15-2018
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