Rebaudioside A from Stevia Leaf Extract

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  • Synonyms: Reb A
  • Appearance:  White fine Powder
  • Active ingredients: Rebaudioside A

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97%, 98%, 99% Rebaudioside A by HPLC


Rebaudioside A (CAS NO.:58543-16-1, Chemical formula:    C44H70O23, sometimes shortened to “Reb A“) is a steviol glycoside from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana that is 240 times sweeter than sugar. Rebaudioside A is the sweetest and most stable steviol glycoside, and is less bitter than stevioside. Stevia leaves contain 9.1% stevioside and 3.8% rebaudioside A.


Rebaudioside A, as a new natural sweetener, can be widely used in various beverages, food, medicine, feed and daily chemical products. Broadly speaking, Rebaudioside A can be used in almost all or part of any product that uses sugar.

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