• Cinnamon and garlic boost milk production

    NEXT Enhance® 300 is a standardised combination of garlic oil and cinnamaldehyde, an active ingredient of cinnamon extract. This combination acts to optimise fermentation characteristics in the dairy cow leading to higher milk production and milk component yields for the user. Continuing to unde...
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  • Cinnamon oil: Higher FCR and less diarrhoea

    Cinnamon oil seems to improve the intestinal functions of piglets, new research showed. It even dropped diarrhoea incidence by 37.5%. A collaborative team of researchers from China, Canada and the US looked at the efficacy of dietary supplementation with cinnamon oil (oleum cinnamomi (OCM)) on g...
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  • Beating odour with Yucca schidigera

    Some petfoods are supplemented with a yucca schidigera preparation and have a claim on waste-odour control. A review of twelve feeding studies indicates that yucca 
substances generally reduce group-mean odour offensiveness of dog and cat faeces.   By Anton C. Beynen and Daniëlle H.J. Saris, Vo...
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  • Saponin containing plant extracts can reduce ammonia

    Ammonia emissions from livestock farming can provoke environmental issues. Nutritional strategies can help in reducing the ammonia output. Solutions to limit the production of ammonia includes the implementation of good practices in livestock farming: keeping the temperature below 20°C and adap...
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  • Yucca extract cuts ammonia from pigs

    US pork producers are seeking new, effective manure management techniques due to the expansion of large swine operations in the country and the subsequent environmental impact. A study has been done to investigate the supplementation of Yucca schidigera extract on ammonia output in pigs.  Accor...
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  • Plant extracts can reduce worms in pigs

    A non-pharmaceutical approach of worm control is especially valued by organic pig producers. Plant extracts may be the solution, according to a new study from the Animal Sciences Group in the Netherlands. The objective of the study was to test herb alternatives for the prevention and control of a...
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  • Green Tea Polyphenols-A natural antioxidant boost for broilers

    Green Tea Polyphenols-A natural antioxidant boost for broilers

    In a recent trial, supplementation of decaffeinated green tea in the diet was shown to improve the antioxidant status and immune titres of broiler chickens.   Oxidative stress constitutes an important chemical mechanism that leads to biological damage, which in turn can affect growth and product...
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  • Pilot Produktion av Tea Saponiner biologiska bekämpningsmedel 5% EW

    Datum: juni 2018 Tea Saponiner biologiska bekämpningsmedel (EW, 5% aktiva ingredienser) Vi designade och utvecklade Tea Saponiner biologiska bekämpningsmedel (EW), som är en te saponin baserad formulering av naturliga ingredienser. Det är ett brett spektrum och miljövänlig, Litet gift, hög effektivitet ....
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  • Sanguinarin kan inhibite benresorption och kollagenas frigör

    Sanguinarin kan inhibite benresorption och kollagenas frigör

    UPPFINNINGENS BAKGRUND Benso-c-fenantridin-alkaloider kan extraheras från växter av familjerna Papaveracease, Fumariaceae, och Berberidaceae. Några av de palnts dessa familes inkluderar Sanquinaria canadensis, vippvallmo, bocconia frutescens, Carydalis sevctcozii, C. ledebou ...
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